Inktober 2019

So, this year I’m going for it, an Ink drawing every day all month.

Of course they’ll all be done with my pen display tablet and probably using Painter 2019.

01 Ring

02 Mindless

03 Bait

04 Freeze – Otzi the IceMan

05 Build – Walter Yeo, the first person to have reconstructive surgery.

06 Husky – The word can be use to describe someone who is well built, here we have Charmion, a trapeze artist from the 1890s.

07 Enchanted
Enchanted line work

08 Frail – A frail basket

09 Swing – That Axe
Swing Line Work

10 Pattern s.o.s

11 Snow (writing your name in)

12 Dragon SpaceX

13 Mountain Ash

14 Overgrown – This one has a making of video, find it in Tutorials.